Raven Operations is a creative collaboration between London based art and architecture practice LiquidFactory and the Protoarchitecture Lab at University College London.

It is a 'field robotics' project. Operating between site and performance, the project explores the interaction of robotics and external environments. Here in these wilder places - sites of change and dynamic, outside the controlled, consistent environments where robots are usually found - we appropriate robotics and 3D scanning technology to enact site-specific performance works and choreographed field explorations.

Our aim with the project is to 'misbehave beautifully' [To borrow a phrase from choreographer Wayne McGregor], in order to uncover the inherent possibilities of theatre and magic and by hacking and disrupting robotic tools initially developed for precise, repetitive tasks we are in search of a fertile territory between the calculated and the ineffable.

We develop the projects through a series of rehearsals - in a way that is perhaps more akin to theatre or dance practice - testing spatial choreography sequences in search of moments of alignment between technology and site. We use the precision of robotic motion and the accuracy of imaging and sensing technologies to explore these field sites as hybrid digital-analog realms wherein we construct a reflexive relationship between landscape, code, and action. These choreographies situate the precision and repeatability inherent in robotics in relation to chaotic or unpredictable environments and elemental factors, defining gestural and irrational motions not born from efficiency but suggestive of the intangible and the metaphysical. Through this work we seek to provoke discourse about place, site and location in relation to robotics.